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Online English assessment comparison - why settle for a fake 5 skill assessment when you can have the real thing?

31 May 2021

English 360° is truly a complete English assessment with modules evaluating all 5 English skills. Unlike other CPF eligible certificates, English 360° actually assesses every skill and doesn’t make assumptions based on simply testing 2 skills. Not only is our online certificate one of the most thorough currently available, but it’s completed in just 45 minutes and results are available in 24 hours.

Our language school partners often ask why they should choose English 360° over a certificate that assesses only speaking and writing. Here are just a few reasons:

Test Comparison

In addition, The English Quiz (the platform that drives English 360°) was created specifically as a business English assessment for training. Other newer certificates were created based on a foreign student's experience. Why is this important? Because English 360° was developed based on specific experience that matches your own. We know what makes a successful and useful assessment for training companies. Once again, we’re not making assumptions or creating what-if scenarios.

As you can see, English 360° has some pretty strong arguments as to why it’s a superior certificate. Why not give it a try? We currently offer 2 free trial tests to all language schools.

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Stay tuned! We will continue to update The English Quiz. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!