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Announcing the Launch of The English Quiz Testing Platform

23 October 2018

The English Quiz, a Modular Assessment Solution to Screen Corporate English Proficiency Levels

Amsterdam, Holland, October 23, 2018The English Quiz, announced today at the UNLEASH Global Conference, the official launch of its modular English language testing platform. The easy-to-use SaaS tool helps HR specialists quickly test and identify qualified English-speaking talent thereby reducing the time and cost to hire new employees and/or assess current staff.

Through its modular platform, The English Quiz (TEQ) offers 20 ready-made test builds that evaluate a combination of the major language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. In addition, industry-specific modules in finance, hospitality and retail are available. Bespoke English language screening modules can also be easily developed. The English Quiz enables HR professionals to choose, depending on specific assessment requirements, any combination of skill tests and administer multiple test builds simultaneously.

The English Quiz features:

  • Test Flexibility – 20 ready-made tests, evaluating 2-4 skills and varying in duration, The English Quiz may be adapted to each company’s unique assessment needs.
  • Fast, Insightful Results – All tests are graded by TEQ's certified English assessment specialists or with cutting-edge technology. Results are delivered in less than 24 hours and include CEFR grading plus additional performance indicators such as CEFR sub levels, tracking of test pauses and answering speed.
  • Enhanced Experience – The English Quiz’s modern design and vast question library provide an enhanced test-taker experience. The interface is highly flexible operating on any device and available in multiple languages.
  • Easy Collaboration - User-friendly admin dashboard increases test management and team collaboration efficiency. Reporting and business insights make analysing test-takers more productive.
  • Brand Promotion - Candidate invites, tests, results and dashboard are all white labeled to each company’s specific brand.
  • Integration-ready - Built on a RESTful API, TEQ is easily integrated into current HRIS systems

The English Quiz advanced features include:

  1. Short or Long Online Oral Assessment: Online oral assessments save up to 30% in results turnaround time. Precious time-saving during pre-screening in the recruitment process.
  2. Remote Proctoring: To ensure the security of the test, TEQ has established several anti-fraud measures including intermittent candidate photos, disabling of paste function, tracking of test pause/resume, reporting of test taker IP address and geographic tagging.

"Considering the competitive nature of today's talent market, HR professionals need a quick, valid and pleasing way to verify true English communication levels of candidates and employees. Unlike the more traditional tests, TEQ was designed from the start to assess corporate English communication skills and not as a repurposed academic certification. The versatility of the platform allows testing of the skills needed based on a company's specific screening purposes saving time and money, " says Erica Syrdal, Founder & Developer of The English Quiz.

About The English Quiz

The English Quiz is a modern and flexible English language assessment solution designed to meet the diverse screening needs of international corporations. The English Quiz's SaaS platform offers a vast portfolio of ready-made English skills tests that are easily deployed. The English Quiz enhances the corporate assessment process by providing real life language performance indicators that help corporations make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development.

For more information contact:

Donna Severns
Marketing Director

[email protected]

Stay tuned! We will continue to update The English Quiz. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!