Online Pre-Employment English Tests

Hire faster and save money!

Cut down on valuable time dedicated to pre-employment English proficiency testing for recruitment. Leverage online automation to evaluate more candidates and help make quick data-driven decisions that move candidates faster through to the short-list.


Real-time & Cost-effective English Assessments

The English Quiz makes it easy to quickly verify that candidates can effectively communicate in English. In a matter of minutes, you'll be able to identify qualified candidates plus our tests are seriously cost effective!

Our Pre-Selection Assessment with immediate results offers the following benefits:

The English Quiz

Screen More Candidates

Assess English levels of hundreds of candidates at a time - quickly filter your candidate pool and immediately identify talent that meet your language requirements.

The English Quiz

Objective & Immediate Results

Using an automated online tool objectively and reliably provides clear and actionable results immediately - CEFR levels or set a pass/fail result.

The English Quiz

Cut Down on Hiring Time

Find the right candidates in as little as 15 minutes. You can set the specific level to pass the assessment and automatically move your candidate's to the next phase in your process.

The English Quiz

Save in Hiring Costs

Assessing English skills with a reliable online screening tool reduces costs associated to the assessment process and assists you make more informed hiring decisions.

The English Quiz

Spend Time on Qualified Candidates

Focus your energy where it's most important - communicating with qualified candidates!

The English Quiz

Improve Candidate Experience

Shorter and more targeted assessments are preferred by candidates enhancing their recruitment experience.

Screen Only the Skills You Need!


The English Quiz’s modular assessment platform provides you with the flexibility to test only the skills you need to fit your recruitment strategy, offering the best of both early and late stage language screening.


Use our AI assessments to quickly screen your candidates to filter unqualified talent. Then, verify oral and written English skills later in your recruitment cycle if required.


We give you the power to define the English skills relevant to the opportunities, ensuring that only candidates with the specific skills needed pass through to the next stage.
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