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Our Approach

The English Quiz was designed and DEVELOPED from the start to include advanced online proctoring tools that protect the integrity of the assessment process.

From start...

To finish...

Taking full advantage of the latest technology and artificial intelligence, The English Quiz is one of the most innovative and secure assessment platforms available.

We're not playing catch up

Online proctoring has always been an integral feature of our platform.

Prioritizing a highly secure online testing environment that ensures test credibility, while providing the flexibility to deliver assessments that enhance the test-taker experience has been our goal from day 1.


Enhanced Proctoring

The English Quiz

ID Verification

Multi-factor identity authentication: picture of photo ID, facial recognition and evaluator verification. Strict compliance with GDPR.

The English Quiz

Automated Proctoring

Continuous test-taker photo capture with time stamp, randomized test questions, timed question response, pause/resume tracked and monitored.

The English Quiz

Secure Browser Settings

AI-powered automated remote proctoring that leverages webcams, browser capabilities, keystroke analytics and more.

The English Quiz


Flagged tests include incident notification within 24 hours, test-taker photo verification included with report results.

The English Quiz

Did you know?

The English Quiz provides advanced anti-cheating measures for a convenient and cost-effective alternative to in-house or recruitment testing, ensuring test integrity.
Easily and effectively ensure test integrity!

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