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Reporting & Analytics along with CEFR Levels Help Make Smart Recruitment Decisions

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CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) is a standardized “grading” scale for language exams widely used throughout the European Community to determine language proficiency. The Framework consists of 6 levels that can be used to objectively benchmark various language skills for recruitment or talent promotion.

Clear and Intuitive Reporting

Our reporting and analytics feature easily accessible and usable information that help hiring teams make better, data-driven choices. Our dashboard and reports display well-organized and easy-to-read candidate assessment results.

CEFR reporting

Plus, you can receive results via the method that works best for you - email attachment, uploaded to your ATS or on our dashboard.



Performance grading

CEFR level, pass/fail or custom grading cutoff categories are available based on your recruitment needs.

Comparative filters

Compare and identify top performers based on strengths or skill, grades or position.


Share candidate details and results with team members, receive results on the dashboard or via email, send reports in a PDF or CSV format.

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