Easy-to-use & simple to assess English levels!

Hire faster and save money!

The English Quiz offers the flexibility to administer tests your way! Our assessments integrate with your workflow, no need to change your process or to even learn an additional dashboard! The English Quiz can be taken on any device - mobile or desktop.

Simple & easy to use

Administer tests the way that best fits your current recruitment process:

Invite by public link

Our easiest method saves valuable time since there’s zero test administration. By using a generic shareable link, the test-taker logs on to the testing platform, inputs contact details and completes the test. Automatic results upload and notification upon test completion. Create campaigns for sharing on social media platforms. Hands-free for recruiters!

Invite by email

Only candidates invited through personalized email can attempt the test. Test administration through your ATS/LMS or our dashboard. The invite email is sent...with auto-follow ups.

Invite groups

For large candidate pools, all you have to do is upload a candidate list (csv), schedule test time, and test links are sent out to multiple candidates.

Results received however you'd like - via email attachment, uploaded to your ATS/LMS or on our dashboard.

Our tool's flexibility helps you streamline and facilitate the assessment phase by offering options to make it easier for you to adopt The English Quiz into your existing process.

Why use The English Quiz

Easy-to-use and deploy

Adapts to your process with test administration choices that seamlessly integrate directly into your current recruitment process.

Simple and streamlined

No appts necessary - test securely anytime/anywhere, buy tests on the go, test-takers can take tests on mobile or desktop.

Make quick, accurate decisions

Results in 24 hours or, for some tests, immediately!

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