Data & Test Security

Ensuring Data & Test Security is Imperative

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The English Quiz platform was built from the ground up with data security in mind. Our Cloud-based SaaS application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) so we benefit from their strict data protection guidelines and policies. AWS adheres to the highest privacy and data security standards available.


Commitment to GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European Union (EU). Our aim is to ensure that all data collected is processed transparently and handled securely with the highest level of data protection in compliance with the GDPR. For more information regarding our GDPR policy, please visit here.

The English Quiz

Our GDPR Compliance Measures

Secure Sign-on

Log in securely to The English Quiz with individual and private login credentials.

Access Control

Role-based access control is essential to maintaining security and limiting access to sensitive information. The English Quiz allows companies to decide the level of access their users have, based on their roles in the organization.

Test Security

By providing an accurate and secure test environment we enable companies and universities to make better hiring or admissions decisions through English assessments that reliably predict English communication performance. In order to ensure this, we employ several measures that increase the security of our assessments and minimize the opportunity for cheating.
For instance, with our vast question bank, we use randomized dynamic testing to deliver different questions to each candidate, reducing question exposure to test takers. We offer advanced anti-cheating measures that employ the latest technology including multi-factor candidate verification, window violation and real-time image capture to ensure the integrity of each assessment.

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