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HRcore Lab Summit 2019 - Highlights from Barcelona

05 April 2019

Our participation at HR Core Lab Summit last week was a huge success. Not only were we a partner of the event, but as an “HR Game Changer”, The English Quiz was able to present our adaptable English assessment platform to Summit attendees in a mini-pitch session with other innovative HR technology companies.


During her presentation, Erica (our mighty founder) made a really interesting point supporting the need for English assessments. She began by pointing out that we were all from different countries at a conference in Barcelona (bonus!) communicating in English. She then went on to ask the audience that if your English level wasn’t good enough, how could you truly participate in the Summit and bring back what you learned to your team? Companies, she said, increasingly rely on English as the language of business but do they have the right tools in place to assess levels effectively and to ensure required proficiency? That’s where The English Quiz steps in.


The event was held over the course of two days and featured three different tracks: Recruitment, Talent Analytics and HR agility. All sessions were delivered by senior level HR pros from leading European companies, and everyone had their own unique insights to share. Here are some highlights from a couple of the sessions I was able to attend:




Never heard of them? Neither had I or most of the audience, but in fact, it’s a 100 billion$ internet company! The presenters, Tom Clancy (VP of TA) and Candice de Klerck (Sr Dir Global Exec TA) spoke about their “journey” into emerging markets. They shared their experiences and the challenges they meet in the face of fierce competition for talent, salaries, and location of tech positions. Specifically, they spoke about how they use data to change the recruiting mindset.



Alan Agnew (Global Head Talent Sourcing & Talent Analytics) spoke about the transformation of their talent acquisition focus, moving from a sourcing role to that of a strategic advisor. He described the importance of talent intelligence in identifying and hiring high-value targets; that they now need to look outside the healthcare industry to find talent.


HR Mega Trends 2019

Interesting presentation from PeopleDoc about the 3 pivotal megatrends in 2019:

    • Wellbeing
    • Preparing for The Future of Work
    • Creating collaborative networks


The presenters discussed in detail each trend and highlighted case studies from Nestle and Atos to support the trends. One stat that struck me: by 2025 most tasks conducted by real people could be replaced by machines - that’s only 6 years away! They concluded by saying that HR can be an agent of change in the digital world.


This was a really good event! We met and spoke with some very interesting people, saw innovative HR tech, and everyone was extremely receptive to our solution. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Summit.

About The English Quiz

The English Quiz is a modern and flexible English language assessment solution designed to meet the diverse screening needs of international corporations. The English Quiz's SaaS platform offers a vast portfolio of ready-made English skills tests that are easily deployed. The English Quiz enhances the corporate assessment process by providing real life language performance indicators that help corporations make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development.
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