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The Three Main Benefits of Online Proctoring

18 July 2020

Online proctoring or remote invigilation (the terms are interchangeable) is a hot topic at the moment in recruitment, certification and education. This is especially true given the current global context, as assessments and certifications must continue to be administered even though most of the world is on lockdown.

Here are three main benefits of online proctoring for both organizations administering assessments/certifications and test candidates:


              1. 1️⃣   Ensures Test Integrity

                Creating a secure online testing environment, together with ID verification, increases security and ensures test integrity.

            1. 2️⃣   Accessibility and Convenience

              Allowing assessments and certifications to be taken wherever and whenever provides greater flexibility for test-takers. Administrators benefit by increasing the number of assessments delivered and candidates going through the process.

            3. 3️⃣   Cost-effective

              Online proctoring removes the burden of test centres, and onsite proctors. Fewer resources - in terms of both finances and manpower - are committed to verifying tests with online proctoring versus live proctoring. Assessments and certifications can be administered with more frequency and are scalable, able to be offered globally.

          1. Our platform featuring The English Quiz and English 360° has built-in advanced online security measures that monitor the test taker’s equipment, environment and behavior allowing tests to be completed securely and in a cheat-free environment, offsite and with the utmost confidence. Let us know if you’d like additional information regarding our online proctoring features.

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