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The English Quiz - Greenhouse Integration

18 July 2019

The English Quiz - Greenhouse Integration Helps Streamline your Recruitment Process!


Here at The English Quiz we want to make your hiring process as streamlined as possible, that’s why we’ve been working on ways to save you time by integrating into best-in-class applicant tracking systems (ATS).


We’re excited to announce a new integration with Greenhouse Software (, an industry leading talent acquisition suite that’s used by thousands of companies like Buzzfeed, HUBSPOT and Airbnb.


With this integration, you can automatically assign The English Quiz assessments and view test results directly in your Greenhouse dashboard.


And there’s more good news to come! Greenhouse is just the beginning of our ATS, marketplace & ecosystem integrations. Stay tuned!

About The English Quiz

The English Quiz is a modern and flexible English language assessment solution designed to meet the diverse screening needs of international corporations. The English Quiz's SaaS platform offers a vast portfolio of ready-made English skills tests that are easily deployed. The English Quiz enhances the corporate assessment process by providing real life language performance indicators that help corporations make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development.
Stay tuned! We will continue to update The English Quiz. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!