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Why Use Language Assessments?

07 May 2017

Are you making use of available assessment tools to filter your candidate pool?


As employers, we use the hiring process to obtain as much information about potential candidates as possible. Traditionally, we’ve gained this information through CVs and Interviews. Unfortunately, these methods are highly subjective and potentially misrepresented. A 2016 Careerbuilder survey found that 77% of HR managers have discovered lies on resumes. As an employer there are steps you can take to validate your candidate's CV. In today's social media era with the onslaught of litigation and overwhelming opportunities in global business, all types of pre-employment assessments have been developed in order to provide tangible data and objectivity to the hiring process. No longer are talent acquisition decisions made solely from a quick look at a resume or an overall “feeling”.


Did you know?

77% of HR managers have discovered lies on resumes.


Language assessments, for example, allow recruitment managers to make informed decisions regarding the true language proficiency levels of candidates based on real results with quantitative scores that have been standardized across the candidate pool. For instance, the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), which is widely used throughout the industry, was developed by the Council of Europe following 20 years of extensive research. The framework of reference describes language proficiency based on a transparent, coherent and comprehensive scale making language assessment scores easier to interpret for the recruiter and provide accurate levels that can not be faked. Online language assessments when integrated successfully into a talent acquisition strategy assist employers validate language skills and identify the most qualified candidates for a specific position.


In our next post we will review the main benefits of incorporating language assessments into your recruitment process which go beyond merely affirming a candidate’s language level.

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