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Announcing Online English Speaking Assessments

31 October 2017

A new addition to The English Quiz’s wide portfolio of English tests for Corporations


Does your business need to quickly test English language levels for a large number of candidates or employees? Are you interested in streamlining procedures for English assessments at Campus Job Fairs, during pre-selection or for evaluating current employees’ English levels? Our quick 10-minute online English speaking assessments might be just the right tool for your recruitment or employee development requirements.


The English Quiz’s new online English speaking assessments are as accurate as a live English expression assessments but with a reduction in test results turnaround time of up to 30%. Saving valuable time during the screening or evaluation process helps companies hire, develop or promote the best talent and keep a competitive edge in the global marketplace.


Did you know?

Online English speaking assessments are as accurate as a live assessment but with 30% quicker test results turnaround time.


Online oral expression and communication test features:

    • Audio questions chosen randomly - listening and speaking skills assessed
    • Evaluation of verb tense, pronunciation, fluidity, grammar, sentence structure, intonation and fluency
    • Graded on CEFR scale by experienced English native evaluators
    • 24 hr or less test result turnaround
    • Enhanced anti-cheating measures to ensure test taker identity


The English Quiz is an easy to use online English assessment tool offering a large portfolio of English tests for corporations. 14 ready-made tests are currently available, varying in test length and English skills evaluated. The English Quiz is highly accurate and has administered thousands of tests.


The English Quiz provides simple and accurate English language assessment solutions for busy recruitment or HR managers looking for tools to help them make better decisions. Highly flexible, The English Quiz may be adapted to each company’s unique English language assessment needs. Want a free trial test?


About The English Quiz

The English Quiz is a modern and flexible English language assessment solution designed to meet the diverse screening needs of international corporations. The English Quiz's SaaS platform offers a vast portfolio of ready-made English skills tests that are easily deployed. The English Quiz enhances the corporate assessment process by providing real life language performance indicators that help corporations make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development.
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