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Recruiting English Proficient Remote Workers

17 April 2020

Screening Remote Workers with Online English Assessments


Working remotely has become the norm for all companies. Implementing hiring processes to effectively recruit remote talent is now a priority. As such, online pre-screening assessments play an even more important role in talent acquisition today. Automated English assessments are the most reliable and efficient way to quickly verify English proficiency.


Where to Find English Proficient Talent?


Top English-proficient countries for recruitment

Remote working allows talent acquisition professionals to widen their candidate base and recruit more from countries where English is a second language. Of the roughly 2 billion people in the world who speak English, over 1 billion speak English as a second language. Companies are increasing adopting English as their corporate language, connecting their global workforce. Thus, English has become an imperative skill for the entire global workforce. The following list shows the countries with the highest English proficiency as a second language.


Speaking English does not equal English Proficiency

A country with a high number of English speakers does not necessarily mean that the population is English-proficient. For instance, in numbers, India has 125 million English speakers, with the majority practicing English as a second language. As you see in the table above, India is ranked #34 with only moderate proficiency. The Philippines also has a large percentage of its population that speaks English - 90 million - but 90% of those 90 million speak English as a second language. The Philippines ranks better than India, with a high level of proficiency at #20.


Assess to Verify English Proficiency

Integrating an online English assessment into your recruitment tool kit helps quickly and accurately identify qualified candidates. When determining which online tool to implement, make sure it is adaptable to the needs of your recruitment process so you’re screening the skills needed to perform successfully in a particular job.


Did you know? Workable, a leading ATS, has put together a great list of the best recruitment assessment tools for 2020.


The English Quiz offers a modular English screening platform that enables HR professionals to assess only the skills required for a specific job function so you can move the right candidates faster into your pipeline.


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