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The Importance of the Candidate Hiring Experience

30 May 2018

Why the Candidate Hiring Experience Matters


If you’re involved in talent acquisition then you know that a candidate’s hiring experience is nearly as important as the position for which they’re being hired. In fact, offering a good candidate hiring experience can help employers secure the most sought after talent.


The concept of recruitment marketing has been around for a couple years and, by now, should be one of the key components to any successful recruitment strategy. In the past, companies chose candidates. Today, candidates choose companies, which has forced talent acquisition professionals to change the way they operate.


The current job market is candidate driven. It is no longer enough to simply find someone to fill an open position and offer them the job. The recruitment market has become extremely competitive and it’s the candidates who have control over their choices. Today’s job candidates are looking for something “more” - companies they can believe in, that share their values and outlook on the world. They want their hiring experience to be modern,engaging, interactive, honest, communicative…


Did you know?

The current job market is candidate driven. It is no longer enough to simply find someone to fill an open position and offer them the job.


This is true for any recruiter-candidate exchanges and communication, but also throughout all stages of talent acquisition including the screening process and any talent assessments the candidate may have to complete.


In today’s highly competitive job marketplace, integrating modern and engaging assessments into the hiring process can set recruiters and employers apart. The benefits of easy-to-use, intuitive, online tools like The English Quiz are twofold: candidates have a positive experience completing their assessment 100% online, any time, anywhere; and recruiters / employers project a modern corporate image. Not to mention that in addition to creating a more positive hiring experience, online tools like The English Quiz provide valid data for solid hiring decisions by offering a complete overview of a candidate’s English language skills.


Today, an integral factor in anyone’s hiring equation should be the candidate experience. Job seekers engaged in a positive candidate hiring experience are more likely to accept job offers. The impression recruiters leave with their candidates is probably more important than the one candidates give recruiters.


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The English Quiz is a modern and flexible English language assessment solution designed to meet the diverse screening needs of international corporations. The English Quiz's SaaS platform offers a vast portfolio of ready-made English skills tests that are easily deployed. The English Quiz enhances the corporate assessment process by providing real life language performance indicators that help corporations make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development.
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