English Assessments for Customer Service Candidates

Efficiently Verify Candidate English Levels - Quickly Screen Candidates with The English Quiz

Quickly assess English levels of candidates for customer service positions. Save time by testing only the English skills required to successfully perform as a customer service rep.

Why verify English proficiency?

Verifying your candidates English proficiency is key to guaranteeing effective, and professional communication with clients.

Through The English Quiz’s modular approach companies can test only the English skills required for customer service specific jobs, providing an enhanced candidate experience, screening faster and more effectively. Learn more

The English Quiz

Targeted Agent Assessments

All in one platform

Call Centre and Customer Service focused English Assessments.

Through The English Quiz’s modular approach companies can test only the English skills required for each specific job, providing an enhanced candidate experience, screening faster and more effectively.

Customer Service Written Communication

Quick, efficient assessment that evaluates candidates’ writing skills through real-world scenarios like customer emails and descriptive text.

Customer Service Writing Plus Chat

Evaluates candidates via writing samples including customer emails and quick-response chat situations.

Call Centre General Assessment

Evaluates key communication (speaking & writing) skills necessary for effective customer service.

Free Form Writing Assessment

Create your own short writing assessment with prompts relevant to your business. Graded for grammatical errors only - CEFR level not included.

Coming soon!

Better serve your clients by upskilling your talent acquisition process and integrate The English Quiz into your assessment mix.

Our Approach


We understand that businesses have different English assessment needs for each hire, especially for BPOs.


The English Quiz offers you the flexibility to test only the skills needed for a specific position.


Improving the English assessment process enables you to evaluate more candidates in less time.


Quickly moving candidates through the pipeline reduces the ever-important time to hire.

Improve your process

Now it’s easy to rapidly identify the best English speaking agents and provide a superior outsourced experience!

1000+ Assess 1000s of candidates at a time - quickly filter your candidate pool and identify qualified talent.

15 In as little as 15 minutes, you can quickly move your qualified candidates to the next phase in your process.

50% Pay for only the skills you need to assess - up to 50% in savings thanks to our modular platform.

100% Get 100% reliable and actionable results - based on CEFR levels - preset pass/fail score.

The English Quiz

Did you know?

The English Quiz evaluates a candidate’s English proficiency on multiple levels including pronunciation, conversational skills, active listening, sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar & scoring is based on the international CEFR standard.
Make a better hire by selecting the most qualified English-speaking talent!


Enhanced Platform

The English Quiz


Our assessment tool is securely available anywhere, anytime and with multilingual versions. No additional software needed.

The English Quiz


Our platform lets you manage candidates, schedule assessments, view reports and provides real-time analytics.

The English Quiz

Online Proctoring

AI-powered automated remote proctoring that leverages webcams, browser capabilities, keystroke analytics, facial recognition and more.

The English Quiz

Fast Results

Results delivered immediately or in less than 24 hours depending on assessment used.

The English Quiz

ATS Integrations

Integrated with the most popular recruitment and HRM systems such as Workday, Greenhouse, Workable, SmartRecruiters and more.

The English Quiz


We can create custom assessment modules, add specific questions to meet your specific hiring needs.

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